The Product

The X-Tracker changes your posture and changes how you see the puck.

The X-Tracker is an advanced training tool which creates visual restrictions; in turn, correcting the goaltender’s tracking, mechanics and posture.

The design and the heavy duty strapping allows you to simply place the training device over your straight bar or cat-eye mask and continue training as normal. The X-Tracker will automatically improve tracking and postural habits.

The proprietary blend of urethane allows it to be extremely durable and withstands a cold environment. The X-Tracker FDA & EPA approved.

Correct Your Stance

Change your posture and mechanics within your your stance and in movement.

Enhance On-Ice Tracking

Enhance how you see the puck in on-ice movement.

Improve Tracking In Flight

Change how you see the puck when it’s released off the blade of the shooters stick.

What The Pro’s Are Saying

“The X-Tracker has had a huge impact in my game. How I see the puck has allowed me to optimize my game and how I move within the crease.”

Carter Hutton, Buffalo Sabres

“The X-tracker is a great teaching tool since it shortens the distance between theory and practical application. I highly recommend it for all goaltenders.”

William Rahm, Swedish Elite League

“One of the simplest and best tools I have ever used to explain, correct develop proper stance and balance. I use it with all my goaltenders.”

Maciej Szwoch, Swedish Elite League

The X-Tracker Community

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