Be Visually Square

The X-Tracker is a goaltender training aid that changes your posture and enhances how you see the puck.

The X-Tracker is an advanced training tool that creates visual restrictions; in turn, correcting the goaltender’s tracking, mechanics, and posture.

The proprietary blend of urethane allows it to be extremely durable and withstands a cold environment. The X-Tracker FDA & EPA approved.

“One of the simplest and best tools I have ever used to explain, correct develop proper stance and balance. I use it with all my goaltenders.”

Pro Goalie Coach

“The X-Tracker has had a huge impact in my game. How I see the puck has allowed me to optimize my game and how I move within the crease.”

NHL Goalie

Why Use The X-Tracker

The X-Tracker is a training tool that naturally helps you correct your stance, posture, and how you track the puck.

Correct Your Stance

Change your posture and mechanics within your stance and in movement.

Enhance On-Ice Tracking

Enhance how you see the puck in on-ice movement.

Improve Tracking In Flight

Change how you see the puck when it’s released off the blade of the shooters stick.

Meet The Owners

The X-Tracker is a product of Finn Goalie LLC. All rights reserved.
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From the X-Tracker Team